Power and performance with Premium Diesel

Power and performance with Premium Diesel
New diesel fuel option in Western Canada

CO-OP® Premium Diesel with Eco-Performance Technology is now available in select markets throughout Western Canada. Our reformulated Premium Diesel fuel follows in the footsteps of its predecessors and provides next-generation protection for both modern and legacy diesel equipment.

The Eco-Performance package contained within CO-OP Premium Diesel works to aggressively remove deposit formations built up on critical engine components. This platform – in combination with our signature base package – works to optimize performance in High Pressure Common Rail (HPCR) fuel injection systems and prevent future deposit formations.

CO-OP Premium Diesel fuel has been engineered to maximize power output, improve fuel economy and maintain fuel system cleanliness to help guard against expensive repairs and unnecessary downtime.


The performance components contained within Co-op’s Premium Diesel allow the fuel to deliver both maximum power output and decreased fuel consumption levels. Through combustion optimization, Co-op’s Premium Diesel fuel has been shown to provide fuel economy increases of up to five per cent. It’s also shown to provide a reduction in total greenhouse gas emissions.


Co-op’s Premium Diesel fuel has been formulated to provide long-term protection to your equipment’s fuel injection system and resist the formation of internal diesel injector deposits. A clean fuel delivery system will optimize combustion, which in turn will limit the amount of regeneration cycles required by diesel particulate filters.


Co-op’s Premium Diesel fuel has been engineered to deliver maximum power to all modern and legacy diesel engines. Recognized industry testing has shown that Co-op’s Premium Diesel will improve deposit-related power loss in as little as one to three tank-fills, and can fully restore performance within 32 hours of operation.

For more information on this or any other CO-OP Petroleum product, please contact your local Retail Co-operative or Federated Co-operatives Limited at petroadmin@fcl.crs.

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